Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cats and Birds

Cat faceNyah-NyahAs you already know, birds and cats do not go together. But our cats would prefer to hang out with the birds, if there hungry. But they have found out that there is one teeny, tiny problem – a door.

Every so often, a bird lands on our table outside, while our cats are inside watching them. Once they see Ninja, they start CHEEPING AND CHIRPING. Other birds come and make an even louder noise! Usually, one of the girls,/Pixie or Ninja/ starts the chaos, then Pumpkin and the leftover sister joins in.

It ends up like this.. Smile Winking smile

But this time, it was only 1 cat and one bird..

This usually goes on for maybe about 10 min.


HEY! Pixie isn’t a bird!!

So, I think you all learned that cats and birds don’t always go together. Open-mouthed smile In love

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My sea creatures

On March 21 to March 22, my friend and I had a sleepover. On Friday, we went to the beach. It was really cool! And while we were there we found shells and cool rocks, but my favorite part was when we went into the ocean.

We saw schools of small fish eating moss, we saw a really BIG fish that made a big splash, and then we found a sea snail. We got a cup, filled it with water and put him in there. My friend called it Black Pearl. It has a black, shiny shell and a bit of white on it too.

Then, I found another sea snail, it had a shell that was the shape of a pyramid and it had a spiral going through it. It had a green-ish color shell. I called him Shelly.

Then, my friends dad had found yet another sea snail. It has a small, brown and black, cylinder like shell. We called it Maccell. /ma-ce-ll./

They all went into the little cup filled with water. Shelly loves to climb! Black Pearl does too but definitely not as mush as Shelly, and Maccell really isn’t that active!

But then, we found what we thought was a shrimp. We put it with the sea snails. Snail But then it was time to go to lunch.

After lunch, we went back to the beach and made a fort out of sand, rocks, shells and mud. Although, we didn’t stay for too long!        Once back at my friend’s house, we checked on: Shelly the sea snail, Black Pearl the sea snail, Maccell the sea snail, and Speedy the “shrimp”.  Although in a couple of hours I had to go home.

On March 23, my friend Carmen came over to my house and brought some fish food. After she left, my mom and I found out that Speedy wasn’t a shrimp, he was a baby lobster!

Right now Speedy eats: egg, bread, and fish food. We gave him some lettuce but he didn’t like it. He is only about 4cm. long and is VERY fast! That’s how he got his name!  I Red heart my sea creatures!

                                          Here is a video of Speedy.

Go on Speedy! Get the egg!

Okay, maybe Speedy wasn’t super fast in this video, but he is only a little lobster!

If you want to learn more about them, please visit this site about lobster mariculture. 

Today on March 24, Shelly the sea snail actually climbed out of the bowl and started walking down the other side. I noticed that Shelly was trying to escape when I checked on them. My dad was at work and my mom and brother were at Karate. I waited for them to come home and my mom took Shelly and put him/her back in its habitat! I was happy until Speedy started harassing Shelly! I looked at Speedy and said NO, he listened and left Shelly alone. Shelly probably tried to escape because of Speedy SmileLOL Open-mouthed smile!!!

This is a photo of Shelly the snail adventurer!



So far, my pets have a good home and I hope to learn more about them. Smile

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


In my opinion, Nature is one of the best things in life.

For instance, the animals. /P.S this is a site where lots of animals are found!/

Polar bear cub.


Endangered tigers.

Pretty bird.


And farm animals.

But I also enjoy trees and forests, they are part of nature too!

Kentucky forest.

I LOVE this photo!  Red heart

Down looking up!

Cool! Now you can see why I think trees are nice! Open-mouthed smile

Also, flowers are part of nature!

WOW! The butterfly at the very top is the type of butterfly that my friends and I are trying to save! Be right back

Pretty, little, happy flowers! Smile


Trees, flowers and animals make pretty pictures.


Same type of butterfly that my friends and I are trying to save again! I wonder what they are called. Thinking smile

Nice! I wonder if the horse wants an apple? In love


These were some pictures which I thought were really cute! Cat face Bunny Black Sheep Turtle Goat Snail